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To continue to drive the highest standards the International Association for Human Development offers accreditation of Training programmes. IAHUD Training Accreditation signals to students that a training course meets the IAHUD standard for comprehensive training, works within the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors ethical guidelines and provides practical experience.

Coaching practitioner

Our coaching practitioner course is transformational and experiential training.
Know the coaching techniques to transform your life and those around you.
“A journey of self-discovery and transformation”

NLP Practitioner

International NLP Practitioner Certification by International Trainers Academy, co-founder John Grinder.
In this NLP course, you will EXPERIENCE all NLP techniques so that you can experience each of the transformations and the results.

hypnosis practitioner

Our hypnosis course is a transformational, experiential and immersive formation.
Know the techniques of hypnosis to transform your life and those around you. EXPERIENCE all Hypnosis techniques to experience transformation in yourself.